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Real Estate

Publicly Traded Real Estate Investment Trusts

A REIT is a security that sells like a stock and invests in real estate directly, either through properties or mortgages. REITs receive special tax considerations and typically offer investors potential for competitive yields as well as liquid alternatives to investing in real estate. Just like any investment, there are risks that go along with investing in REITs. Many times these investments are made within the commercial real estate market, so decline in the commercial real estate market could hurt investors. REIT investments also involve such risks as fluctuating tenancy rates, maintenance costs, and conflicts of interest between REIT investors and managers. However, each investor should take precautionary steps such as investing in a wide variety of REITs as well as factor in geographic location. Bear in mind, however, that diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against loss in declining markets.

1031 Taxed Deferred Exchanges

Thinking of swapping business assets or investments but would like to defer all or most of the tax burdens? These asset exchanges can help if they are done within the Section 1031 window. LCORE would love to walk you through the process of navigating these transactions so you can defer tax burdens, potentially increasing your bottom line. When completing a 1031 tax deferred exchange, the investor must first sell his or her asset and then seek out and purchase a new asset to reinvest in, all within very specific and limited timeframes. There is a paperwork process that goes along with this, and the process should be followed with precision to lower any risk involved in the transaction. These transactions can alo involve additional fees and costs.