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Personal Protection

Life Insurance

Purchasing adequate life insurance for you and your family members is part of being financially responsible, and our staff at LCORE will be happy to help you decide what policy addresses your needs.

Disability Income Insurance

We like to think that life is full of pleasant surprises, but the truth is that no one ever knows what is around the next corner. By having disability insurance, you help prepare yourself and family members financially in case one of you is unable to work due to a disability. Disability income insurance allows you to focus on what is important during that time: you or your loved one’s recovery, rather than stressing about a financial loss.

Long Term Care Insurance

No one likes to think of themselves needing extra help when they grow older, but for some, extra assistance becomes a requirement. Long term care for many is not easily afforded, but long term care insurance can help. It is important to make sure you are covered in case something unexpected happens to you or your spouse or in case you do need a little extra assistance.