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Business Planning

Key Person Insurance

The loss of a business partner or key person can be emotionally tragic. However, every business owner should be prepared to not let a tragedy like that put their business in jeopardy. By purchasing key person insurance, your business can continue to move forward, giving you time to focus on what is most important at that time.

Buy/Sell Funding

Buy/Sell funding helps protect all the business owners involved in a business in case another owner dies. This way the remaining owners can continue going on with the business using the money received from a previously purchased life insurance policy on that specific owner. A cross/purchase plan allows all the owners of the business to use their return on the deceased owner’s life insurance policy to purchase the deceased owner’s share of the company. An entity purchase or stock redemption plan allows the employ

Executive Fringe Benefits

LCORE Wealth Management LLC offers Group Life, Disability, Health, and LTC Insurance.